BA (Hons) Degree in Early Years and Childhood Studies

This programme is designed to provide the ‘top-up’ for Foundation Degree Early Years and Childhood Studies graduates with an honours degree and the opportunity to progress to a wide range of professions. It is licensed from the University of Bath and delivered at Wiltshire College Trowbridge.

You will need to have a suitable workplace to enable you to provide evidence for the assignments. Your employer and/or mentor will be involved in your learning and must be willing and able to support you in your studies.

Your Experience

You will learn about the effective management of people in an organisation and understand how this can contribute to improving organisational efficiency, productivity and effectiveness. You will also develop your knowledge and understanding of the key theories and concepts of children’s development and learning and its application to effective practice. You will learn to critically assess the implications of the outdoor environment on young children’s well-being, health, learning, behaviour and development in theory and practice.

You will attend one day per week and have access to electronic study workshops and tutorials. A unique aspect of this course is the outdoor unit; delivered in a woodland environment, this enables experiential learning that you can take with you to enhance your practice with children.

This course is delivered at our Trowbridge campus.

The BA Programme Specification is available at this link.

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