HNC Computing and Systems Development

£2250 per year *

* Fees accurate at time of publishing

Duration: Two years, Part Time
Location: Chippenham

This course is ideal for those who wish to pursue a career in Computing or a related role.

You will develop a range of skills including programming, web design, networking, systems analysis and databases. The emphasis is on understanding the requirements and developing solutions that meet the needs of business and its stakeholders.

Your Experience

Most IT professionals will at some stage have to set up, use, customise and maintain computer systems. In order to do so effectively they will need to understand how computer systems work, as well as learning programming skills and developing solutions to meet identified user needs while emphasising the importance of testing and reviewing.

You will learn about the theoretical aspects of computer systems, and how information is processed, and will also explore the hardware, software and peripheral components that make up a computer system.

Please note: Modules and course content subject to change

This course is delivered at our Chippenham campus.

The Programme Specification is available at this link.

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