FdSc / BSc (Hons) Degree in Applied Computing

£7500 per year *

* Fees accurate at time of publishing

FdSc 2-years, full-time
BSc (Hons) Top up 1 year, full-time

Location: Chippenham.

You will gain practical skills and theoretical knowledge that can be directly applied to the work place. This course combines higher level study with work based skills, giving you an important advantage when it comes to pursuing a career within a Computing/ICT based role. You will gain practical skills and theoretical knowledge that can be directly applied to the workplace.

The course provides you with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience required to meet changing circumstances, whether these arise from a shift in the sphere of your own work environment, promotion to supervisory or management roles, or from general changes in computing practices and the ICT environment.

If you are interested in games development and wish to acquire skills in this area, there are optional units that you can take in both year one and year two.

Your Experience

You will study major computing topics such as systems analysis, programming, web design, databases and computer architecture plus a variety of more specialised subjects. In addition, you will develop your personal and professional skills and undertake an individual project. This is a substantial piece of work requiring you to investigate a problem, understand its context and design, develop and test a suitable solution.

After completing the first two years you will gain a Foundation Degree (FD), which is a qualification in its own right.

Continuing into the third year gives you the opportunity to achieve a full Honours degree and the opportunity to progress to a wide range of professions.

The third year of the course provides a mix of professional management units, specialist computing units, research and a major-work based project. It will be your responsibility to identify and organise a suitable work-based learning environment with your tutor, in which you can carry out the work-based research project.

Modules may include:

Optional units chosen from:

Please note: Modules and course content subject to change

This course is delivered at our Chippenham campus.

The FDSc Programme Specification is available at this link.

The BSc Programme Specification is available at this link.

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